I searched for God
I pondered on His ways
And everywhere I did search for God

I searched in the diviner’s gourds,
Upon the sacred grounds
But I did find a liquid stench,
That made my bowels wrench

I searched in the steepled cathedral,
Upon the hilly altitude,
Where the winds was but brutal,
All I did find was solitude,
Broken only by pigeons’ playful flights,
Among the rafters of magnificent heights

To the priest I went,
On bended knees I wept,
All my sins I did confess,
To him whom God did task to curse and bless
He made me say the grace,
Sprinkled holy water on my face,
And then bid me well in my search for God

I despaired
I walked the silent paths, my mind impaired
Whither I should go,
I knew not
East, west, north and south,
I wandered about,
In my search for God

I met a lone wanderer,
He was hungry and thirsty,
But was of good cheer,
His tales was tasty,
Under the shade of the oil bean tree,
Where he had bid me steer

Have you chanced upon God
Perhaps on the highways
Or the byways?
I thought him mad
But he never left me sad

We said our goodbyes in the end
And I was glad to have come to my journey’s end
For I had found the way to God
Listening to the stranger under many a hanging oil bean pod

I had found Him
In the weed rustling in the wind
In the rainy drizzle
In the silent brook on a quiet morning
In the sunshine heralding the day in tender glory
In the mists
In the smallest of things,
Sitting upon the grassy pasture
In all of nature
In me
I found God.


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