The Darkness Comes Over Our Land Again

The people of Africa,

We have suffered many a phobia;



And now, xenophobia

South Africa,

How come such woe has to you betide?

Your brothers heard your cries in the dark days of apartheid

We soothed

And fought with voice and pen

We prayed the wind the blow away your dark days

And when the sun did shine upon you

We sang the praises of Mandela too

But the dark days have returned

Only darker has it your hearts turned

You have brought the darkness upon your brothers

The same lot who wished for the sovereignty of your borders

What have we done wrong?

How have we looked so much like pigs

Fit for the carving knife?

How did we bring upon us, this strife?

I know you will tell us our wrongs in time

But that might be after the slime,

Of our spilled blood have dried upon your paved streets

After you have scorned the dreams,

Of all who dreamt of a united Africa:

Kwameh Nkrumah

Nelson Mandela

Muammar Gaddafi….

I know you have your reasons

But is this the season

To act the savage?

Shouldn’t we talk of philia?

Doesn’t the word sound better?

Shouldn’t we have a taste of xenophilia?

And all that would make a brother

Forever wish to stand by you and sing ‘kumba ya’?

We are Africans

We are not black savages

We don’t live on trees

We don’t kill each other over territorial squabbles

We are one

We believe in ‘ubuntu’.

Say NO To Xenophobia


4 thoughts on “The Darkness Comes Over Our Land Again

      1. Editor

        Hey thanks! It’s gosh darned time consuming but I have a vision for it and there’s a lot of areas I reckon would be awesome to explore.


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