A Wolf In My Stomach

A Spartan boy once hid a wolf beneath his garment
Through the boy’s stomach it gnawed and tore its outlet
The poor Spartan dropped dead
And the wolf ran into the woods ahead

That Spartan was probably my ancestor
For there still remains a wolf in my belly’s store
It gnaws within but seeks to escape not
Of how it got into my belly, I know not
It is a god, the greediest of oracles
Binding my will in unseen manacles,
That I must at least thrice placate
With wholesome offerings
Of goods that appeals to priestly Palate
To make easy the ushering

If only this godly wolf would flee
I’d be rid of this daily offering spree
And I will increase in goods
After it has fled into the woods
But if only it wouldn’t make the Spartan escape
I’d rather live to placate this greedy god
Than die for its freedom


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