Excerpts From my book; “The Chronicles of Romeo’.

Chapter Ten
Little Comforts

My dear Romeo
Life has never been any easier
There hasn’t really been any ‘good old days’
It has always been the same mix of fun and risk,
Like some cowboys’ rodeo
Youth makes it more fun and riskier
But let us do what we can,
With every new day
Let us make the much hay,
With the blunt sickles in our hands
Let us not bemoan another’s sharper tool,
Nor wish for some whetstone
While we sit upon today’s stool,
Looking to the tricky Fates,
With heightened hate,
When it is yet morning.
Evening shall come
And darkness with it
So that we can no more make hay
Then we can lie upon our beds
And pass impotent judgment
On the Fates
The gods
Our blunt tools
Our fathers
On everything
But we should know,
That today is the day to sow
And so, let us stoop to the earth
Let us gather
And cut
And store up
Let us sow the yam seedlings
All of them
Let us commit them all today,
To the hands of hoed earth
And then we should build barns
As we lie in wait for harvest’s arrival
For it surely will come upon us in the evening,
At that time when the sun stands bold;
A flaming orange ball in the horizon
Ready to exit the proud skies
And usher away our youthful glory with it.

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