The Bald Outlaw

The bald outlaw feasted on a carcass

’Tis the body of the thief, they said

Well deserving of the lunatic even in death, most others said


The bald outlaw feasted on an old carcass

Less appealing to his palate it was

But the bald outlaw ate gratefully all the same

Ah! ’tis the body of the lonely old man, the people said

If but he had a kin to pay the funeral rites


The bald outlaw chanced upon a carcass

But they wouldn’t suffer it to have a taste of Providence’s offer

Heaven forbid the forbidden thing taste of the priest’s flesh, they swore

And into dug earth, the outlaw’s feast was committed in reverence


They are but flesh

All that are the sons of men;

Of lowly and noble

Pious and wanton

Has Providence supplied

And they taste all but the same.

Only apparels and titles

Tell men apart while they but live.

You can read all of my poems from my anthology Man Must Whack




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