Writing is an art; very arbitrary, I must add. However there are some rules which are unspoken and nearly unbreakable. You might want to break those rule though if you have the guts to face the criticisms you will be sure to attract from breaking them. But if the final rebellious work does hold any precious grains of value, then be sure to have won yourself an army of disciples (if not today, then sometime after you are long gone).

Growing up, I never met any one who dreamed of becoming a writer (except one fellow though, and he grew up into become one). Now I am grown, I encounter a lot of people, myself no exception, who strive through rejection, denial, and sleepless hours to hit the shelves with a bestseller. You might not know of the raging wars that go on in our world if you haven’t taken that ambition to become a writer seriously. My own personal stories will be for another day.

Today, I want to tell you about my novels. Yes, my novels. At the moment they come in ebooks, to make them more available to you and easier to carry about in your mobile devices to be read on the bus ride, in that waiting room or when the lights are turned out.

Remember I told you earlier that I write crime fiction mostly (or did I not?). I started with An Assignment In Owerri and then followed up with the sequel, A Bad Time To Die. They are both available for download at http://www.okadabooks.com for only a hundred naira.

I hope to see your reviews  as well. You can as well check out my poetry anthology Man Must Whack and my narrative verse The Chronicles of Romeo. They all go for the same prices on the okadabook site.

Stay well and happy, and dream big until when next we meet!


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