Excerpt from the anthology, ‘Man Must Whack!’

Man Must Whack
Once upon a tiresome journey
I took the option of a rickety lorry
for lack of money
And for hours on end,
I pondered on the painted letters on the planks:
Man Must Whack!
The burdened lorry groaned uphill
And shuddered downhill
We sat close together like the contents of a sardine tin
The young conductor called from his precarious perch
And looked out for more passengers to fetch
But when we protested our discomforts,
He returned in a tone that does courtesy lack:
“Man Must Whack”
We chanced upon a pack of touts
Seeking to get their share of the lorry’s earnings
The young conductor refused
The driver protested
There were shouting
And then blows
Cries rose in the air
Blood spewed from torn flesh
And when all was said and done
Our journey continued
With the driver and the conductor parting with not a dime
Because at the end of the day,
Come what may,
Man Must Whack
Follow the link below to download the complete anthology for only a hundred naira:

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