Knowing not, they came into the world;
Children of hurt and betrayed souls
But in innocent childhood, they saw
They saw not the charred bodies
Not the kwashiokor
Nor the bombarded buildings and marketplaces
The birds of the Egyptian mercenaries had long ceased to traverse the skies
There was no sign to tell of the intention to kill with bullets, shells and starvation
The newborn children saw none of these;
For the genocide had long ended
But they saw of something different;
In the eyes of men and women, they saw bowed souls
But they weren’t to know what tales they bore.

The growing children heard tales of Biafra
All it meant to them were gallantry and nonsense and nothing more
For the heart of childhood shines too bright for any lurking shadows

Many years have passed
Yesterday’s children are today’s men
Eager and wide-eyed with enthusiasm
They swore love and allegiance to Fatherland
And in confidence, they dared to give of their lot and to receive in return
But they were hurt
Most, too badly
Burnt, they set their hearts to enquire
And lo! the answers lay before them all the while;
Fathers had been conquered, and their sons forever,
Motherland is forever the spoils of the victors’ wars

Tomorrow shall come
It shall bring along its children
If but today’s children remain slaves
Then tomorrow’s children have a certain destiny
Perhaps Father’s advice should be heeded;
To offer our backs in servitude
Wring our fingers in dejected helplessness
Offer thanks to Providence for the gift of life, at least
And hope that the oppressors show some mercy someday.
Life is never death’s kinsman

The sun shall set upon today
And may tomorrow’s children come
May they see the signs of all we have done
And with pride, let them say;
“This is Biafra, the dream of our founding Fathers.”

This is to commemorate today, May 30th, which is Biafra Heroes’ Day; a day set aside in remembrance of over 3.5 million Biafran civilians and soldiers killed in the 30-month war 40 years ago. Between October 2015 and today, over one thousand Biafran civilians, mostly peaceful protesters, have been killed by Nigerian Security forces.



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